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Autumn in Haderslev

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Embrace Autumn and Hygge in Haderslev

Discover the beautiful eastcoast during Autumn in Haderslev, a part of South Jutland.


Autumn vacation in Haderslev

Discover autumn in Haderslev - South Jutland. Get to know the island Aarø, Gram Castle & our food

Where are you sleeping during your autumn vacation?

The autumn windy weather invites you inside for hygge and a wood-burning stove. Find your holiday home for the autumn holidays in Haderslev and see the many other options for accommodation.

Taste Haderslev during your Autumn holiday

Visit the farm shops, taste the local delicacies and enjoy the coziness at the café's, the hot cup of coffee and the delicious lunches. You may also be tempted to visit one of the many restaurants for a nice dinner.

Christmas in Haderslev

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Read about the Haderslev area and the many experiences that await you in Southern Jutland. Get inspired with active and engaging experiences, cultural events, restaurants and accommodation.

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Sun, beaches and yachting life. Castle, Middle Age and Renaissance. Magnificent nature experiences in the subglacial stream trench from the last Ice Age. Lots of culture and special shops with everything from delicacies to unique crafts. Haderslev Municipality has a little bit of everything. From the Little Belt in the east to Gram Castle Town in the west we always have something to offer. No matter whether you are young or old, whether you like camping and bathing or bumpy cobbles and historical tours of town. And no matter whether you like canoeing or shopping, visiting castle or prefer to enjoy the southern Jutland "sausage table". In Haderslev we have it!

Mother Nature at her best!

Grab your hiking boots, pack a rucksack and step out onto Camino Haderslev Næs. Shoot through the bends in our breath-taking MTB trails. Feel the wind...

A taste of Haderslev

Try the very best sausages in Denmark. Taste local gastronomic specialities on Aarø Island. Indulge in the world-famous Southern Jutland Cakes & C...

A wealth of history

Explore the winding cobblestoned streets in the old quarter. Marvel at our beautiful cathedral. Drop into our museums and immerse yourself in history....

Cultural discoveries

Our quaint old streets are a shopper’s paradise. We have stunning creative art galleries. You are welcome to take part in our full programme of cultur...

Cakes and Coffee Buffet

A proper Southern Jutland Cakes and Coffee Buffet is a very special experience. It is probably the best known of all the local traditions.

Aarø Ferry

Take a trip to Aarø.

Camino Haderslev Næs

Experience Southern Jutland's unique cultural and historical trail.

The beaches around Haderslev

The white sandy beaches stretch along the entire coastline of the Little Belt.

Browse through the many adventures

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Aarø & Aarøsund (island and straits)

Visit the gem of the Little Belt Straits Aarø, a gastronomic island & the cozy habourtown Aarøsund.

Haderslev Historical Market Town

A vibrant city with cobblestoned streets, an amazing cathedral and a historical city centre.

Vojens - Alive and Kicking

Home to SønderjyskE, danish Speedway and famous for F16 guided tours at the military airbase.

Castle Town Gram

Castle Town Gram one of South Jutlands oldest towns and a unique visitor experience.