Our quaint old streets are a shopper’s paradise. We have stunning creative art galleries. You are welcome to take part in our full programme of cultural events. Feel waves of creativity at our cosy workshops. Enjoy a theatrical performance at the historical castle water mill. We have many magical cultural experiences to spellbind children and adults alike. Check them out here.

BIG events in Haderslev

Vedsted Søfestival

Kommer du forbi Vedsted sø i juni, skal du besøge festivalen med din familie. Det er et rigtig familie-event med aktiviteter om eftermiddagen på og i ...

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Creative Workshops

Set your creative talents free in an amazing environment with excellent facilities. We have fantastic workshops. You are always welcome to ask for hel...

Music & Drama

Where do I go to hear live music? Which venues offer musical performances by the dozen? If I want to see a play this evening, where’s the nearest thea...

Art Galleries

Are you interested in art? Haderslev is home to small galleries, and outdoor works of art and sculptures. Some are very old and others modern. Take time to study the exhibitions in detail, or even chat with the artist. You may even be tempted to add something unique to your own collection?

Vintage Gold Tour

Explore Haderslev at your leisure. Take our new Haderslev Vintage Gold Tour. The tour includes 13 different stops with a wide diversity of products and interests, all close to the centre of Haderslev.

Exhibition: Grænseløs Påvirkning

Do you wan't to go shopping?

When you get around to shopping, the retail trade in and around Haderslev is a cosy acquaintance. 

Get a glimpse of all the shops and shopping events.

Photo: Haderslev Butikker