Camino Haderslev Næs
Camino Haderslev Næs

A tour of discovery – Nature in Haderslev

Photo:Camino Haderslev Næs&Camino Haderslev Næs

Find your way!

Grab your hiking boots, pack a rucksack and step out onto Camino Haderslev Næs. Shoot through the bends in our breath-taking MTB trails. Feel the wind in your hair on the coast. We have many beautiful beaches. Enjoy a 12 km sailing trip through Haderslev Fjord. Hop into a canoe on Haderslev Lake. We recommend a pit stop at the Deer Park. There are many options open to you when you visit Haderslev and its beautiful natural surroundings. No matter what you are hoping to find, we have done our utmost to make it easy for you. 

Visit the amazing beaches!

The white sandy beaches stretch along the entire coastline of the Little Belt - with many places perfect for bathing and fishing, diving and surfing. On the water and in the water you should always be careful, but the beaches of the Little Belt are some of the safest and most child friendly.

Disc golf is golf with a frisbee. We have 4 courses located in Haderslev, Vojens and Gram. In Haderslev there are 2 courses - in Damparken and in the park Kløften. In Gram the course is located at Gram Castle. In Vojens the course is located at Fritidscenteret at Overgårdsvej. It is free of charge to play on the courses, but if you have no discs/frisbees to play with, these can be borrowed from the "Æ Disc Golf Klub 6100" a local society or at Gram Castle in their café - you have to pay a deposit, which will be reimbursed to you after delivering back the borrowed discs. 

On the island Aarø you can try Park Golf, which is a mixture game between golf and mini golf. In Park Golf the same club are used for all kinds of hits. At Gammelbro Camping on the mainland Adventure Golf can be played. Not far from Halk Strand Camping a mini golf course with 12 holes is located. In Hejsager Football Golf is offered with an 18-hole course. Here petanque and football pool can be played as well. In addition, of course, we also have Haderslev Golf Club, where you can play golf without having membership or your own golf equipment.  


Golf for all ages!

What kind of golf do you like best? Golf is available in many variations, also in Haderslev. 

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