Guided tour experiences in Haderslev

Photo: Kaare Lytsen

Taking the family on a guided tour experience can be a good way to start your holiday. There are guided tours for every taste, some more active than others. Find the trip that best suits you and your family and buy your tickets now. 

Discover Haderslev Cathedral & The Historical City Centre

Can be booked all year round.

Haderslev is a vibrant city, where every street corner stores new, exciting stories. See the impressive Haderslev Cathedral, which rises over Haderslev's rooftops. Take the tour with our guide down the cobbled streets of the historical city centre. See the old "Torvet" with the well-preserved houses dating back to the 16th century, which today pulsates with life. Listen to the story of the historic Hansborg Castle, a four-winged Renaissance castle and the architect Von Oberberg or the beautiful castle water mill which today is a theater.

Meetingpoint: Haderslev Cathedral Price: DKK 850,- for 1½ hour. Book the tour 73545630

Visit the Brewery Fuglsang

Can be visited during the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays.

Our guide has been allowed to borrow the key to Haderslev's impressive beer brewery Fuglsang. Join him on a tour around the brewery and learn all about their their beer and malt production. See the whole process from the grain arriving to the brewery, until it is cleaned and placed into the large sprouts. See the bottles being bottled and the malt packed in bags. During the trip you will activate all your senses especially the sense of taste,  when the trip ends with Fulgsang beer or Fuglsang soda. For the little ones there is a Brewmaster competition with questions along the way, which ends with a beautiful Brewmaster's Diploma.

Meeting point: Parking space in front of the brewery. Price: DKK 50, - Tickets are purchased at


Family tour of the Ehlers collection

Can be booked all year round

On the family tours we will explore Louis and Margrethe Ehlers life's work and look at a lot of fun, strange and beautiful objects. The house is full of stuff and filled with stories. On the tour, the museum inspector tells about the many objects, and you can ask all the questions you want along the way. The ticket also gives you access to the museum "Slesvigske Vognsamling" on Simmerstedvej and to "Von Oberberg's Hus" which is located right next to the Ehlers Collection and has just opened an exciting exhibition in the basement where you can smell the Renaissance.  

Guided tours (maks. 25. people):
During business hours on weekdays: 450 kr. + entrance fee.
During opening hours on weekends: 900 kr. + entrance fee.
Outside business hours on weekdays: 900 kr. + entrance fee.
Outside opening hours on weekends: 1.200 kr. + entrance fee.

Book your tour on tlf. 7434 7817 or at

Haderslev in Children's Height

Can be booked all year round

Join our guide on a real family trip! Visit 3 of Haderslev's attractions; The Red Water Tower, where you can go all the way to the top - if you dare! Archeology Haderslev, where you can play as they did in the old days and StreetDome where you can try your hand at the indoor climbing wall. The trip ends with a holiday bag for all participating children. (best for children aged 6-12 years)

Meetingpoint: The Red Water Tower. Price: DKK 850,- for 1½ hour. Book your tour on tlf. 73545630 

Night Watchmen's Walks

Can be experienced in the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays.

From the 14th century, night watchmen maintained law and order, and prevented and fought fires in many Danish market towns. Follow the Night Watchmen, listen to their songs and their exciting stories of Haderslev, "The Old Duchy" in Denmark.

The tour starts at the Cathedral and lasts approx. 1 hour. Adults DKK 30,- and children (0-14 years of age) are free. 

Explore the historic basements in Haderslev

November 21st from 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Join the Night Watchmen on a tour to the old historical Reformation basement "Præsteskolen" right across the Cathedral og listen to the exciting stories about the place. 

Meetingpoint: Haderslev Cathedral. Price: DKK 50,- per person. 

Guided tour of the old water mill - Tørning Mølle

Can be booked all year round

On this tour you will se the old castle bank where there once was castle called Tørning. Listen to the stories about the dreary battles that unfolded between Schleswig counties and dukes, and the Danish kings among others. Valdemar. Find the impressive trees in the park that are more than 200 year old. Enter the 6-storey high mill, find out how it works and hear about the power struggles between the rulers and the mills.

The trip takes approx. 1½ hours. Price is DKK 50,- per adult. Children under the age of 15 accompanied by an adult is free of charge. Book the tour on tlf. 7450 7450. A tour can be extended with a trip to the industrial area Christiansdal for DKK 150, - extra.

Christiansdal the industrial pearl

Can be booked all year round


At Christiansdal you can experience and see the electricity plant which, back in the early 19th century, provided half of the electricity consumption to Haderslev city. Before that, Christiansdal had experienced a 300-year industrial history with up to 300 employees.

The tour takes 1½ hour. Price: DKK 350,-. Book your tour on 7450 7450.

Make a trip with the Tørning Express

Next tours in 2020...stay tuned...

Join the Tørning Express and experience the veteran train, the horse-drawn carriage ride and the boat Dorothea. The veteran train runs from Haderslev Vest at 12.00 Noon. In Hammelev a horse-drawn carriage awaits you and takes you to the old water mill "Tørning Mølle". At the mill there is a guided tour and for the children it is possible to fish in the big lake. Before the horse-drawn carriage is back there is lunch with sandwiches, hot sausages and drinks. Now the tour continues through the forest, past Christiansdal (a small listed industrial pearl) where the guide will tell you about the area. You will now walk on foot to the dock at Restaurant Damende where the boat awaits you and returns you safely to Haderslev city center.   

The price for a total tour ticket - all incl. DKK 340,- for adults and  DKK 165,- for children. The tour takes approx. 5 hours. 

Guided tour of Gram Castle

Kom til rundvisning hver lørdag kl. 11.00.* Mødested på slottet.

Every Saturday at. 11.00am

A tour of Gram Castle includes an exciting tour of the castle and the "Gramgård" breeding farm. Along the way, we tell about the history of the place, about agriculture, about Sanne and Svend Brodersen's purchase of the castle, their plans and visions for the Gram Castle and the ongoing projects. We also tell about the castle's ghost, the mad Countess, Anna Sophie Schack.

For larger events such as Christmas market at Gram Castle, the tour is at. 10.00 canceled.

If you are in any doubt contact them at 0045 74 82 00 40 (key1).

Week 27-32: Adult DKK 60, - Children (between 3-12 years of age) DKK 25,-.

Week 33 and up: Adults DKK 75,- Children (between 3-12 years of age) DKK 25, - Children under 3 years of age are free.

Duration: 1½ hours.

The guided tour is unfortunately only in Danish.

No pre-booking. 

Ghostwalk at Gram Castle

Fridays at 8.30pm

When darkness falls over the old castle, the past haunts the castle halls. From basement to attic, we light candles to hunt the shadows away. On the guided tour you will be told a story about the Count and Countess who lived on the castle and scattered horror among servants. The guide will tell you about some of the unexplained events that have happened in the last few years.The trip takes approx. 1 hour.

For larger events such as Christmas market the ghostwalk is canceled.

If you are in any doubt contact them at 0045 74 82 00 40 (key1).

Adult DKK 60,- Children (between 3-12 years of age) DKK 25,-

Cash payment or MobilePay.

The ghost walk is unfortunately only in Danish.

Registration is required on tel. 0045 74 82 00 40 (key 1)

Tour of one of Denmark's largest mills

Can be booked all year round

Sillerup Mill is one of the largest and best-preserved windmills in Denmark. It is still fully operational. Come along to see the windmill in action. Grinding corn is an ancient skill that is preserved at Sillerup Mill. You can see precisely how the mill grinds corn to make flour. Then you can see how bread is baked in the mill oven. You can taste fresh-baked bread too! You get all your senses tickled when you visit Sillerup Mill. It is a real blast from the past!

Price: DKK 350,- for 1½ hour guided tour. Book you tour on