The Centenary of Denmark’s Reunion with Southern Jutland

Photo: Kaare Lytsen

In 2020, 100 years have passed since Southern Jutland was reunited with Denmark. The 100th anniversary will be celebrated with events and activities throughout the country. On this page you can find the activities in Haderslev and the surrounding area.  

Ændringer pga. Covid19

Den officielle markering forlænges ind i efteråret og udvides med et kompakt sommerprogram i 2021.Sæsonforlængelsen betyder, at markeringen ikke afsluttes i juli, men fortsætter frem til og med november 2020. I maj og juni 2021 skal et kompakt program på ca. 6 uger bygge op mod det afsluttende højdepunkt, den kongelige rundtur i Sønderjylland, som var planlagt til at finde sted 9.-12. juli i år i 100-års dagene for Christian X’s besøg. Husk du kan læse mere!

Exciting activities and special offers...

Theater: Romeo + Juliet

The Theatre "Møllen" reinterprets the play Romeo and Juliet into a magnificent, intimate and cheerful performance. It presents the everlasting story of two hearts, two families and now also two countries.

Reunion tour with the lake boat "Dorothea"

The lake boat "Dorothea" marks the Reunion on June 10th with an exciting theme tour. Departure is at Bispebroen 3, Haderslev at 3.00pm and duration is 1½ hours.

Reunion Brew from Aarø

Aarø Bryg has made a special brew called Reunion Brew. The beer is a light, tasty ale. It has been given a specially designed label and with the purchase of the beer you will get the very special story of Aarø's reunification story told by local historian, Bjarne Jepsen.

The Border Museum (Genforenings- og Grænsemuseet)

The museum focuses upon the border and the Reunification – with the old border at Frederikshøj as its starting point.

Stay in Haderslev during Reunion celebrations

Be a part of the celebrations in Haderslev with a special Reunion offer for 2 people incl. Coffee and cake on arrival, 3-course menu with Southern Jutland Specialties and delicious breakfast buffet.

The Queen is visiting!

When the anniversary is officially over in July 2020, exactly 100 years after King Christian X rode across the border to Southern Jutland, it will happen with a comprehensive celebration program. Her Majesty the Queen and several members of the royal family will take part in the celebrations, and make it extra festive and visible. The program begins Thursday evening till Sunday afternoon July 9th-12th. The Royal House, just as in 1920, will visit Haderslev on July 10th.

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