Haderslev by set fra dammen

A charming town with an authentic history

Haderslev Vægterlaug

Visit Haderslev – a Historical Market Town with winding cobblestoned streets and an imposing cathedral. Drop into our museums and immerse yourself in history. Discover Northern Europe's largest collection of ceramics, listen to the night watchmen’s songs and join Tørning Expressen, a trip out into the countryside. Hear ghost stories at Gram Castle and bake bread the old-fashioned way at Sillerup Windmill. There’s lots of history to experience here. Are you ready?

Haderslev Cathedral

Beautiful Gothic cathedral. Luther's ideas were preached here for the first time in Denmark in 1525. Other churches first followed suit 11 years later. Tallest church windows in Scandinavia. One of the country's largest organs. The historic Siseby organ is placed in the chancel. Regimental...

Book a personal guide

You can book a personal guide all year round. To get the most of your visit to our historical market town, book a personal guide. Our guides show you and your family all the historical hotspots in Haderslev. Choose your tour: The Cathedral and historical city centre: Discover the old par...

Guided tours – and popular trips

More fascinating stories...

Night Watchmen & Haderslev Night Watchmen's Museum

Guided tour with the night watchmen During the 13th century various night watch guilds emerged in many Danish towns. They were meant to upkeep peace and order in the streets of the city at night, as well as to extinguish fires. You can experience the night watchmen in Haderslev, on their...

Haderslev Vintage Train

Choo Choo - Come and experience a trip like your great grandmother would have ridden the train December 7th and December 8th The vintage train runs on the beautiful track that has conected Haderslev with Vojens since 1866. Along the way the trains stops in Hammelev and Styding. The bench...

Tørning Expressen

The perfect experience for the entire family. We ride with both a vintage train and horse-drawn carriages. Additionally, you can tour the historic water mill Tørning Mølle and fish in Tørning Sø. The vintage train departs Haderslev Vest at 12 PM and runs through the beautiful scenery to H...

The red water tower

The water tower was build in 1924 and worked toward plentiful and clean water-source for the town population that only grew after the reunion. The tower was first put to use on first of January 1925. The tower was made of concrete and wrapped with red brick.  The tower added with its heig...

Immerse yourself in history at our museums

Visit Denmark's only surviving bell foundry. Check out this crooked Renaissance house. Visit this impressive collection of ceramics, the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. A cosy little museum beneath the barracks. An amazing exhibition with Denmark’s largest skeletons.

City Walk App: KulTOUR

City Walk App: KulTOUR - Haderslev Have history and culture with you while walking around in Haderslev.  The historical Archive in Haderslev introduces a new app called KulTOUR - Haderslev. The APP is a guide for you who want to explore the many cultural and historical secrets Haderslev...

Gram Castle – a modern fairy tale

Gram Castle oozes with history. There is much more to do and see here than its historical buildings. Gram Castle stages concerts and hosts markets, guided tours and the famous Southern Jutland Cakes & Coffee Buffet.


Three magical windmills to discover

Sillerup Mill

Sillerup Mill is a windmill on the top of a hill outside the village Sillerup, around eight kilometres north-east of Haderslev. In 2009 it had existed for 150 years. The Mill is one of the largest and best preserved windmills in Denmark, and it is still in operation. It is equipped entirel...

Teatret Møllen

Tørning Mølle

Castle mounds from 1331, house of a judge from 1700, now restored. Toerning Thingstead (famous in 1841). Large barn from 1878, now restored. Miller's house and mill from 1908 with functioning power station.There is agricultral equipment for former times in the mill which is a museum.