Aarøs fyrtårn set fra havet

Aarø & Aarøsund (island and straits)

Do not miss the port of Aarøsund and Aarø Island, a gem in the Little Belt Straits. Aarø is a gastronomic treasure island. Aarø and Aarøsund are proud of their vineyard, impressive bird sanctuary, Christmas Church and the iconic beach hotel.


The quaint old harbour town of Aarøsund nestles on the Little Belt coast. There are white sandy beaches to the north and south. You are welcome to stroll on the harbour and new promenade. From the 300-metre-long promenade, there is a stunning panoramic view of the Little Belt Straits and the beautiful island of Aarø. Stop at Aarøsund Havnegrill for an ice cream. Enjoy the sunset!

Did you know that Aarøsund is the only port on the Little Belt Straits to land fish destined for the Hvide Sande fish market? Trout caviar is exported from Aarøsund to far-away countries, such as Japan, USA and Australia. Next to the fish factory, there is an old boatyard, which keeps traditional boat-building crafts alive. If the boatyard is open, you are welcome to pop in to watch the shipwrights at work.

Get yourself the unforgettable nostalgia of a stay at the award-winning Aarøsund Badehotel, which offers an authentic beach hotel atmosphere and serves gourmet dishes in its idyllic parlours. You can walk from the hotel directly onto the sands and enjoy a fabulous view across to the island of Aarø. The beach hotel boasts entertainer Victor Borge’s grand piano, authoress Karen Blixen’s sofas, a portrait of German Emperor Wilhelm II and a painting of Hammershus (a medieval fortress on Bornholm).

Gammelbro Camping lies at the southern edge of Aarøsund. It is one of Denmark’s largest camp sites. You can swim, fish, dive, snorkel and surf here – and create works of art of your own. The camp site’s swimming pool is open to the public (even if you are not staying at the camp site).

Taking Aarøsund as your starting point, put on your hiking boots and hike along Camino Haderslev Næs. This is a 106 km route. We would never dream of suggesting that you walk it in one day. The route weaves its way past nine picturesque churches and through Southern Jutland’s undulating landscape. Through fields and woods, on gravel paths, byroads and cycle paths, Camino Haderslev Næs offers spectacular views of rolling hills and expanses of water. A memorable and varied trip is guaranteed. 


Aarøs fyrtårn set fra havet

Aarø Schnapps Tour:

The ideal tour for nature lovers, schnapps enthusiasts and history buffs. Join us on this tour and be inspired to start making your own schnapps. Returning via Brummers Gaard (farm) to taste different kinds of schnapps, coffee and layer cake.

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 8 people

Price: DKK 150,- per person.

Aarøs fyrtårn set fra havet

Aarø Beach Safari

The guide meets you at the harbour and takes you through the meadows and along the beach to pick herbs for the Bulladen (plank house) menu at Brummers Gaard (farm). Enjoy the island’s signature dish, “Aarø landscape in a sausage”. The beach safari is available in three different versions (minimum group for all beach safaris = 8 people).

1. Kok amok i Bulladen (5 hours)

Price: DKK 699,- per person

2. Sol & Strandsalat (3 hours)

Price: DKK 399,- per person

3. Sommersko (2 hours)

Price: DKK 150,- per person

Aarøs fyrtårn set fra havet

Discover Aarø and Aarø’s Perle

The guided golf buggy tour passes the high water mark, Christmas Church, Æ’Sprøjthus (fire station), water works, old school and Aarø Brew, Årøhus community centre, the nature playground, Brummers Gaard (farm), Bulladen (plank barn) and Café Aarøgård.

Duration: 25. min

Number of participants: 10 personer

Price: DKK 30,- per person

There is an extended tour that takes you to see everything Aarø has to offer. The extended tour takes 2 hours. On this tour, guests can stop and visit the farm shops.

Price: DKK 60,- per person

Aarø Island

The ferry crossing to Aarø Island takes just under eight minutes. The island is famous for its outstanding natural beauty but more recently also for its wide range of culinary offerings. Judge for yourself. Visit the island – it’s a culinary treasure chest! You can buy local specialities to take home as souvenirs. Many of these delicious products are sold only locally. If you get hooked, you’ll just have to make a return visit!

Sip wine on the veranda at Årø Winery. You can also buy local wines, liqueurs and bubbly. Aarø has its very own micro-brewery, possibly Denmark’s smallest. Tickle your taste buds with the local ales: Æ’Mæsk, Gåsefod or another variant from Aarø Bryg. Other local products include honey, Galloway beef, smoked salmon, seaweed salts, wine gums (made with grape juice), schnapps, jams, signature sausages and a lot more besides. 

Stroll down the narrow alleys in the picturesque hamlet passing dry stone walls, hedgerows and pretty family farms on your way. Drop in at the Christmas Church and historical Brummers Gaard (farm). Do you fancy a beach safari? Aarø is ideal for walking. Pack your rucksack and visit the impressive bird sanctuary on the island. To get around the island a bit faster, you can hire bicycles and golf buggies. End your day out at Aarø’s Perle. Enjoy fresh fried flat fish for dinner before catching the ferry back to the mainland.