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Photo: Svend Aage Hansen

Out in the Little Belt Straits, just 7-8 minutes by ferry from Aarøsund, you arrive at the island that offers almost everything anyone could ever wish for. The island that has everything.

Out in the Little Belt Straits, just 7-8 minutes by ferry from Aarøsund, you arrive at the island that offers almost everything anyone could ever wish for. The island that has everything.

Of course, there is a difference: Visit Aarø on a hot summer day and the island is busy welcoming tourists. Come here in the low season and you get an indelible impression of peace and quiet in beautiful natural surroundings. When you live on the island all year round, you learn to appreciate both!

There is normally no need to bring your car to Aarø. The island is small enough for you to cover it on foot. You can bring your bicycle (free of charge) on the ferry, or you can hire bicycles or a golf buggy on the island. Just over 10 kilometres of the Camino Haderslev Næs pilgrims’ route is actually on the island. Pop into our little Christmas Church, which was built when Aarø was the northernmost island in the German Empire.

Photo:Haderslev Kommune

What can I see and do on the island?

When you disembark from the ferry, you meet a cosy, little harbour and the port facilities that still bear all the hallmarks of a fishing port. You cannot fail to spot Aarøs Perle Restaurant and our new playground. Cross the bridge and you reach our little town with its picturesque streets. There are still many old fishermen’s dwellings and ancient farms here. One such farm is Brummers Gård, a historical building whose ancient stables are now a charming restaurant. Brummers Gård has a “bullade”, a plank barn that was moved here from Haderslev some years ago. Aarøgaard Farm is just opposite – another great place to eat.

In the past, the islanders lived off land and sea. Today Aarø is an active community in many other ways. A number of small companies on Aarø specialise in producing island delicacies. Årø Vineyard was founded in 2004. The vineyard produces good quality red, white and rosé wines, as well as sparkling wines and a range of liqueurs. The vineyard has its own distillery. It serves lunch and offers wine tasting by appointment. The vineyard is well worth a visit.

As you travel around the island, you will see many cattle grazing in the fields. Most are Galloway cattle, an ancient Scottish breed that produces lovely juicy steaks. Frozen meat and meat products from these herds are available to buy at Årø Vineyard.

Aarø Bryg is a relatively new microbrewery that brews a wide range of interesting ales, most of which are named after locations on Aarø. The brewery has a small café.

Aarø has its own smokehouse. Aarø Fiskerøgeri smokes trout, salmon and eels in season. The smokehouse also sells goat meat and other interesting products. You can buy food and drink here to enjoy outdoors in the summer months.

Aarø Fisk, a new fish shop, is soon to open on the island. Owned by a local fisherman, the fish shop will sell fresh fish. The fish shop is next to Brummers Gård in the original village store.

There is plenty for your children and grandchildren to do on Aarø. At the centre of the island, at Aarøskov woods, there is a natural playground and a picnic hut. Go inside if the weather is not too good. There are plenty of tables and benches and barbecues to use free of charge.

Photo:Haderslev Kommune

Agger Parkgolf is adjacent to the natural playground. The first of its kind in Europe, Agger Parkgolf opened in 2015. The nine-hole course is suitable for adults and children. Park golf is a hybrid between real golf and miniature golf. You play every hole with the same club.

Aarø Camping is a very cosy camp site. It came under new ownership in 2015 and the new owners walk the extra mile to make this a very attractive camp site. There is a small supermarket, where you can buy pizza and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Aarø Camping has just opened a minizoo, where children are welcome to enter the pens to stroke and cuddle the animals. So far, the minizoo has two alpaca who help the owners to bid visitors a very warm welcome to the camp site!

Aarø Kalv is a unique nature reserve with a bird sanctuary that is closed for visitors from 1 March until 15 July. Outside this period, there are fine opportunities to walk on the low sandy ridges that extend along the east coast of Aarø. When you reach the farthest point of Aarø Kalv, you have set foot in Assens Municipality! Sand deposition continues at the point so the islet is still growing. Along with the most northerly point of Aarø Kalv, the very small islands to the north belong to Assens Municipality.

We hope that it will be possible to host many different types of activities on the island this year. These events attract many visitors to the island. Read more at    

Aarø den 4. april 2021

Svend Aage Hansen

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