Aftaegten, Enderupskov - Gram

Photo: Kim Lee Danielsen
Natural areas
A beautiful vantage point in Stensbæk plantation.

Ribe Landevej 15

6510 Gram

As part of the beautiful nature surrounding Stensbæk plantation, you will find a steep slope pointing down towards Gram stream/Gelså aftægten- a beautiful vantage point looking towards the western Danish/German border station from 1864-1920.

Stensbæk plantation is more than just a normal west-Jutland plantation. The unique landscape formations, untouched curves of the stream, big moors and wet grounds offers lots of experiences.

Take your dog on a leash and the hiking folder in the other hand and move through nature and animal life. Choose between four different routes in the hiking folder below.

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Ribe Landevej 15

6510 Gram

Opening hours

01 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20


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