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Cabins at Vojens Campingplads

The cabins at Vojens Campingground lies in connection with Vojens Hallerne and their many active offers.

Vojens Camping has 8 cabins on site. 5 of the cabins have room for 4 people, the remaining 3 have room for 2 people. The cabins do not have their own bathroom, but they have table, chairs and cutlery fitting the number of beds.

The site has modern facilities, taken into use in 2002, and in the servicebuilding you will find cooking- and bathing facilities, lounge with TV as well as a laundry room with a washing machine and dryer, which is free to use by all residents at the site.

Vojens Camping is connected to Vojens sports arena, where you will find an ice rink (open september-march), an aquapark, 2 indoor sports arenas, a cafeteria and a skatepark. In addition to this, Vojens offers many opportunities for an active holiday. You can hike or bike, ride go-karts or visit Vojens Speedway Center.

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