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City walk in the old town

Experience the old town in Haderslev with a guided city walk.

Monday October 18th

Haderslev is a living city, where every street corner hides new, exciting stories. See the impressive Cathedral, that rises up over the city's roofs. Join our guide on a walk through the old cobble-stoned streets in the old town, where the movie "9. april" was filmed. See the old Square with the well-preserved houses, some dating back to the 1500s, which today is bustling with life. 

Hear the tale of the historic Hansborg Castle, a four-winged renaissance-castle and the architect Von Oberberg, or the old castle water mill, which today has been refitted as a theatre.

The walk begins in front of the entrance to the Cathedral at 10am.

It costs 55 DKK pr. person to participate, tickets can be purchased through