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Lobbers Refugie - Stay overnight in the hayloft

Get a good night's sleep at the farm's cozy hayloft. There is access to a shower/toilet and the option to purchase breakfast, dinner, coffee/cake etc. On the farm there is a small farm shop and ongoing exciting events.

Sleep in the charming hayloft

A little outside Fole, close to the town Gram, you will find Lobbers Refugie Bed & Breakfast. A cozy farm where outdoor life is paramount and where there is glamping, a small farm shop and exciting events on an ongoing basis. Stay overnight in the farm's old-fashioned hayloft.. In the attic you can spend the night among all the small bales of meadow hay. Bring your own sleeping bag or rent one on site:

  • Overnight stay in a hayloft DKK 60
  • Rental of sleeping bag (freshly washed) and sleeping mat DKK 100
  • Hammock rental DKK 50

There is access to a shower and toilet in the farmhouse. It is also possible to order breakfast and other meals on site or before you arrive:

  • Breakfast (freshly baked buns, muesli, etc.) DKK 69
  • Butter your own packed lunch DKK 59
  • Dinner DKK 125
  • Dessert DKK 49
  • Coffee ad libitum DKK 35
  • Cake NOK 25

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