Miniature golf courses in Haderslev

Hit a hole in one and compete against friends and family on one of the many miniature golf courses in and around Haderslev.

Many things are closely linked to the Danish summer; ice cream cones, rolling fields, crowded beaches and... miniature golf!

Miniature golf is a classic in the Danish summer and, through the years, many a family has played the game of precision and patience - and made up with an ice cream afterwards.

In and around Haderslev you will find plenty of opportunities for a game of miniature golf, so bring you friends and family, and prepare to spend a few hours of quality time.

Gammelbro Camping Adventuregolf
  • Adventure golf course with 12 holes.
  • Miniature golf course with 12 holes.
  •  Miniature golf course with 9 holes.
Genner Hoel Parkgolf
  • Adventure golf course with 12 holes.