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Strandsafari - "Sommersko"

An trip in nature focusing on the wild, edible herbs. 

Experience the nature on Aarø with a local guide along meadows and beach, and taste the wild edible herbs.

This is just one part of the recipe for 2 delightful hours, where you will experience some of what makes Aarø special. 

Aarø is for the entire family, and it is easy to travel by foot.  

After an exciting trip, with the basket full of herbs, the trip ends at Brummers Gaard, where you will be served the signature dish "Landskabet i en pølse" (The landscape in a sausage), seakale-salsa, mustard-dip with honey and a glass of seaweed-wine. Served with malt-bread.

An experience out of the ordinary, where you will be impressed with the gastronomical achievements of the island.

For more information contact Brummers Gaard at +45 74 58 31 14 / 51 25 31 12.

Price pr. participant: DKK 150,00.

Minimum number of participants: 8 people.

Guide: Marianne Weiman

Sign-up: Brummers Gaard, Aarø telefon 51 25 31 12.

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