Canoeing in Haderslev

Gels Å (stream)

A canoeing trip on Gels Å offers a very varied nature experience, but it also offers a challenging ride even for the experienced canoe sailor.

Cycling routes in Haderslev

National cycling route 3 - Hærvejen

The route along the Hærvej runs all the way from Nr. Smede in the north to the border between Denmark and Germany in the south. The route passes through Vojens and Vedsted on its way through Haderslev Municipality. The entire route is 168 kilometres long and runs on both paved and gravel roads. The route passes by several attractions and offers a great scenic experience along the old roads.

Summer Activities 2016

9PM - 12 Noon Open at the farm museum at Tørninggaard, Vojens
12 Noon - 3PM (July 4th - August 4th) Horse-drawn carriage ride in the old part of Haderslev. Meeting point in the pedestrian street at Bispebroen.

Geocaching in Haderslev

Geocaching is a growing family activity, a modern kind of treasure hunt if you will. The aim of geocaching is the find treasures (known as caches) by using your GPS.

VisitHaderslev has placed 20 caches in areas of the municipality where there is an exciting bit of history, a beautiful view or an exciting experience - is short places where you gain an experience in addition to finding a cache.

Haderslev Dyrehave

Nature areas

Spending time in nature is both inspiring and calming. Going for a walk along the beach, dipping your toes in the water, or enjoying a walk in a beautiful forest. That is beneficiel for both the soul and body.

Primitive camp sites

The nature surrounding Haderslev is ideal for a wealth of activities and home to many lovely hiking and biking trails. While hiking or biking it might be nice with an overnight stay and therefore, it is fortunate that there are several primitive camp sites along these trails.

Camp sites

Haderslev is one of the municipalites in Denmark with the most camp sites - we have a total of 11!

Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities and something for everyone regardless of whether you prefer camping near the beach or in the middle of town.

Hotels and Inns

In the municipality of Haderslev you can find hotels ranging from seasin hotels to city hotels. You can find hotels in Haderslev, Vojens and Gram but also along the coast in Årøsund and inland in places like Christiansfeld.

Opening hours


Monday - Thursday
Kl. 10 AM - kl. 5.30 PM
Kl. 10 AM - kl. 6 PM
Kl. 10 AM - kl. 2 PM


Monday - Friday
Kl. 10 AM - 5.30 PM
Kl. 10 AM - 1 PM 

Monday - Friday
Kl. 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM
Kl. 9.30 AM - 12.30 PM 

Gram Castle

The palace has gone through a thorough restoration and renovation during the past few years. Come and visit Gram Castle and join a tour of the palace or a Ghost Walk through the palace.

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