Haderslev Watchmen's Guild

The watchmen's guild in Haderslev can be experienced on their tour of the old street from June 27th - September 2nd 2012 every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening. The watchmen begin their tour from the Cathedral at 9 PM and the tour lasts approx. 1½ hours. Their equipment and clothing are as similar as possible to what the watchmen wore during the 18th Century.

In many Danish market towns various watchmen arrangements emerged in the 14th Century. They were to make sure that there was peace and quiet at night, and they were also supposed to fight fires.

In 1683 special ordinances were introduced through medieval municipal law regarding watchmen's guilds in all market towns. 

The renowned "watchmen verses" emerge and are sung every hour on the hour all night long throughout the year. The watchmen's guilds slowly disappear from 1870 onwards when gas lamps are introduced in the streets.

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Week 26 until 36

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9 PM

Meeting Place: The Cathedral

Duration: approx. 1½ hours

Price 30DKK or 5 EURO per person above the age of 14.  

Family Watchmen Tour

Week 26 until 36

Friday at 5PM till 6PM

Meeting Place: The Cathedral

Price 30DKK or 5 EURO per person above the age of 14.  

Tørning Mill

History in Haderslev

The history of Haderslev bear witness to the area's changing relations to both Germany and Denmark.

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