Angling in Haderslev

Lakes, streams, fiord and the entire coast of the Little Belt. Haderslev Municipality has plenty of water and is incredibly popular with anglers, both from Denmark and abroad. The coast offers a great deal of variation. You can catch sea trout all year and plenty of garfish in the summer - particularly at Råde Hoved, Aarøsund and Hejsager beach.

Sea trout, brown trout, pike, salmon and perch are all found in the waters around Haderslev, The streams Gram Å, Gels Å and Tørning Å has a combined fishing area of 50 kilometres - with amazingly beautiful surroundings. In recent years several restauration projects have taken place and today, the streams once again have their natural curves.

Aside from the many lakes and streams in the area there are also several private put and take lakes. We can recommend Dyringkær on the outskirts of Haderslev, Anholm which is located in the village Fole and Bevtoft Angling Lake which you find in the small town Bevtoft. In all three lakes you can catch rainbow trout and golden trout. You usually pay by the hour and the licences are easily purchased at the lakes.

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Fishing license

Naturally, you need a fishing license to fish from the coast, in streams, lakes etc.

The national fishing license that is valid for fishing in fiord and the ocean can be purchased at VisitHaderslev. If you want to fish in one of the many streams in the area we recommend that you visit the angling shop Go Fishing which you find in the pedestrian street in Haderslev (opposite the cathedral). Go Fishing has licenses for the streams and can provide you with much more information about fishing in Haderslev.

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