Go on a mountain bike tour and see Haderslev Municipality at its best. There are plenty of opportunities to take a ride on a mountain bike in the Municipality of Haderslev. The forests, the countryside or  the mountain bike trails found, in and around Haderslev offer a variety of possibilities. 

The forrest tour is a most beautiful and scenic outing starting in Haderslev. The route follows along Geheimerådens Sti (an old path around the lake) to the Deer Park, the forest of Pamhule and around the lake Hindemade. Along the way, you can get close to the deers in the Deer Park or take a well-deserved rest at Sophie's Well. The well has driking water quality; it can be enjoyed without fear.

The countryside Tour also offers nice views along the way. You can choose to take a ride out on Haderslev Næs (the wide peninsula southeast of Haderslev) around the Slivsøen (a lake) or over Diernæs and Vikær. Here you have the choice to continue to Sønderballe to enjoy the view over Genner Beach and Kalvø. Here the Municipality of Aabenraa is close by, and you could continue to Kalvø (island) and take the scenic ride along Kalvøstien up to the old military road and then back towards Haderslev. 

In other words, you can design your mountain bike ride to your needs and ability. We will gladly assist you in any way, if you have any questions regarding tours and routes, but also questions of a more technical nature, do not hesitate to call, we are happy to be of assistance. 

In genral, all our tours are subject to the understanding that we agree on the premises and rules, which apply for the way the tour, is giong to be cycled. We have competent guides and instructors and will leave it up the the participants to determine how the trip is to be planed and cycled. 

Contact Bent Skov for booking:


Mobil: +4520165358

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Mountainbike trails in Haderslev

Map of the mountain bike trails

Trails in Pamhule Forest

Trails in Stensbæk Plantage (coming)

Price for a guided mountain bike tour, up to 2½ hours

Private lessons: DKK 250,- per hour

Groups of 5-8 participants: DKK 375,- per participant with mountainbike and equiment.

For groups exceeding 10 participants, an additional guide is necessary. Inquire for price. 

You may also rent a bike to ride on your own

1 day rental: DKK 250,-

Weekend rental (saturday - sunday): DKK 500,-

Longer period rentals are subject to individual agreement. An example is one week rental: DKK 1000,-

The renter is liable for the bike and the lease. 

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