The old town in Haderslev

When you walk through the streets of the 700-year-old market town Haderslev, you walk along the same roads as people have walked for centuries. Even today the streets of Haderslev - from Ribe Landevej in the west across Torvet and to the harbour by Møllestrømmen - are the same as when the town was founded in the 12th Century. The town is very much characterised by its long history. The old town with the Cathedral and Square in the centre is - in spite of enormous fires in 1627 and 1759 - well-preserved and blessed with homes that date back to the 16th Century. In Haderslev you can experience 500 years architectual history.

You can experience all this and more on a guided historic walk through the old town - or join the night watchmen when the make their evening rounds on Wednesday-Friday in July and August.

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