Adventures beneath the surface with spearfishing and underwater photography. We do NOT use oxygen cylinders, only wetsuit and snorkel equipment. Therefore, anyone join.

Spearfishing is fishing with a hand spear or a speargun and takes place both in daylight and at night with flashlights, and most often in shallow water.

Snorkelsafari in Denmark, offers unforgettable adventures for you and your family. This adventure is available all year round, as wetsuits keep you warm. It's easy and safe to snorkel, and in Denmark it requires nothing more than a fishing license if you also want to fish with a speargun.

In Denmark we have fantastic conditions when it comes to spearfishing. This is because the inner Danish waters are very nutrient-rich, clean and generally not very deep. Therefore we have a lot of potential fishing waters, with lots of fish that can be reached with flippers and snorkel. offers our guided activities exactly where you and your family spend your holidays in Denmark. All equipment such as wetsuits, snorkel equipment and spearguns can be rented from us.
If you want to learn how to clean, fillet and cook the catch of the day, you can also book a Seafoodsafari. Together we cook the fish, mussels, shrimp or other types of seafood on the beach. Fresh, home-caught fish just tastes better, and makes a good adventure even better. You can read more about spearfishing, snorkelsafari and our other products on the website

Snorkelsafari offers guided adventures and hunting beneath the surface all year round, and we are open for bookings every Friday from 16.00 till Sunday at 16.00 and also all days in public holidays.

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