Active Holiday

With the many kilometres of water, beaches and scenic areas Haderslev Municipality is an obvious area for an active holiday. We can offer a wealth of activities from the classic put 'n' take lakes, sailing, bicycle- and hiking trails to the less known but equally as exciting activities disc golf, geocaching and much more.

Active holiday?

If you want to burn some calories during your vacation you could grab your bike and go for a ride on one of the many trails, rent a canoe and explore Haderslev Lake or you could simply explore the Danish nature. How about spending the night in a shelter located deep in the forest, pick wild berries and make pancakes over an open fire?

Cycling in Haderslev

Cycling routes

Kilometres of cycling routes connect the ocean with the towns along the fiord and through beautiful scenery. There are both long and short cycling routes, so you are sure to find one or more that suits you.

Facts about fishing licenses

Fishing license

If you are fishing with a fishing rod and aged between 18 and 65 you need a fishing license. The price is DKK 195,- for a year, DKK 140,- for a week and DKK 50,- for a day.

The fishing license can be purchased online at www.fiskete... or by visiting VisitHaderslev.

Sailing with Helene

Sailing on Haderslev Fiord

The fiord boat Helene sails almost every day during the summer on Haderslev Fiord and offers themed evening trips with jazz, country, Irish or Greek music

Borrow a GPS for geocaching

Stop by VisitHaderslev and receive help to start geocaching.

You can borrow a GPS at no charge - all you need is to leave a deposit of DKK 500,-

We can also offer suggestions on where to find your first cache - we have placed several throughout Haderslev Municipality.

Blue flags in Haderslev

"Blue Flags" is an international environmental organisation that ensures that you have good experiences on the beaches and harbours. The organisation also works on preserving our common sea- and coastal environments.

Blue flag beaches in Haderslev Municipality:

Halk Beach
Kelstrup Beach
Hejsager Beach
Flovt Beach
Aarø Harbour