StreetDome in Haderslev


Here, you can skateboard, run on scooters and skates and ride on BMX bikes. You can test your skills at parkour, climbing and bouldering. All of this is possible indoors and outdoors.

The primary rest areas outside near the silo and igloo are situated naturally towards the southern promenade and water.

Canoeing in Haderslev

Gels Å (stream)

A canoeing trip on Gels Å offers a very varied nature experience, but it also offers a challenging ride even for the experienced canoe sailor.

Disc Golf

What is disc golf?

In short the best way to describe disc golf is that it is a kind of golf where the club and ball has been replaced with a specially designed frisbee - the golf disc; and the golf hole itself has been replaced with a basket. The aim of the game is to throw the disc in the basket using as few throws as possible.

The lanes in Haderslev

Geocaching in Haderslev

Geocaching is a growing family activity, a modern kind of treasure hunt if you will. The aim of geocaching is the find treasures (known as caches) by using your GPS.

VisitHaderslev has placed 20 caches in areas of the municipality where there is an exciting bit of history, a beautiful view or an exciting experience - is short places where you gain an experience in addition to finding a cache.